Monday, February 13, 2017

The other Gods of the Earth Romania

After two years of work, the documentary French team led by DEIMIAN finalized and launched a film that certainly will reach the major international television stations. Said other Land of the Gods, the film devotes an hour and forty minute history of our region, from Cucuteni to the Geto-Dacian, while exploring places and artifacts enigmatic stories and local legends about mysterious events that -ar could spend sometime here. Performed at a high artistic exception, with a montage, graphics and sound section that would gauge proud broadcasters BBC, Discovery or National Geographic, the film makes major services Romania's image. The realization I was invited to participate and I (my presence in the film is quite consistent), but also others in Romania, in addition to filmmakers and French researchers ... The film touches a number of controversial issues such as Sinaia lead plates, Tablets Tărtăria or legends of giants (Jidovilor), but the filmmakers treat them in a balanced manner. Although there are few places that do not share the interpretation given by the filmmakers, the film is as a whole. a remarkable achievement that will bring major benefits to Romania in our country and will attract many foreign tourists. Now, the film is available online in Romanian, French, English and Spanish. So if you have friends speaking the three languages listed, it is a great opportunity to invite them to discover the special things about Romania. Below you can see the first 22 minutes in Romanian ... On account VIMEO free version of the film there and 22 minutes in French, English and Spanish. To watch the full film to be paid, but I assure you deserve! But that appreciate you after watching the 22-minute free snippet posted at the end of the article.

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